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Internationally Environment Day

 5 June, is celebrated as Internationally Environment Day Svijetski dan okoliša grafik zahvaljujući Europskom Parlamentu Internationally day environmental graphics thanks to the European Parliament Internationally Environment Day Internationally Environment Day is celebrated every year around the world. UN Conference, which was held on 5 June 1972 and is dedicated to protecting the environment adopted the […]

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Amra imamović,

Selection of Waste

The primary selection of waste in day care in Tuzla   In the framework of the regional project – network in the Western Balkans and Turkey, which supports voice of citizens and their impact on environmental reform process in accordance with EU integration, “Centre for Ecology and Energy” has received a sub-grant for the […]

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Arhus Centar Tuzla

Arhus Centre Environmental

Legal Clinic in environment and the role of Arhus Centre in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The seminar, which was held, 30.05.2014, the Centre for Ecology and Energy ( presented the project “Arhus centres, information and public participation in the environmental field. In his address to the participants of the seminar, MA Vanja Rizvić – senior associate […]

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Energija Vjetra Portugal

In Portugal concluded, wind energy is the cheapest.

The Portuguese utility company (EDP), argues that the most cost-effective wind energy.   This utility company has recently published data indicating that the terrestrial production of electricity from wind is cheaper than production from coal and oil, which makes the production of wind power has become one of the most economical sources of energy in […]

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obnovljivi izvori energije

Germany – Record from renewable sources

Germany achieved 74% of its electricity from renewable sources this month. Many countries of the European Union and the world are working on the problem The production of energyfrom renewable sources. The greatest success achieved by Germany, which is the leading country in the world in terms of energy production, which are proven in production […]

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