Implementation of the project “Waste Incinerator”

Implementation of the project "Waste Incinerator"

Ministry of Construction, Urban Development and Environment Una - Sana Canton;


On 26 06th 2014th in the Ministry of Construction, Planning and the Environment, Minister Sinha Kurbegović held a meeting attended by the Director of Public Institution "Veterinary Institute" of Bihac, Hajida Beganovic and Director of the Directorate for Civil Protection Una-Sana Canton, Sead Aljić.

The theme of the meeting was to continue the implementation of the project "incinerators", with which the institution "Veterinary Institute" Bihac applied by the Ministry of Construction, Urban Development and Environment to obtain funds from the environmental benefits of the 2013th year. The project was approved by the Ministry for funding, and today it is agreed that the balance of funds to finance the Directorate for Civil

Protection of the Una-Sana Canton. In this way they secured funds in the amount of KM 143,000, which will be sufficient to complete the project "incinerators" that the ultimate goal should be procured incinerator for medical waste and animal origin.

The implementation of this project, which should be completed by the end of the 2014th year, will create the conditions to the appropriate legal manner disposed of these two types of waste, and it will have the end result of improving the quality of life of all citizens of the Una-Sana Canton, and not just but with ecological and health aspects.

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