Internationally Environment Day

 5 June, is celebrated as Internationally Environment Day

Svijetski dan okoliša grafik zahvaljujući Europskom Parlamentu

Svijetski dan okoliša
grafik zahvaljujući Europskom Parlamentu

Internationally day environmental graphics thanks to the European Parliament Internationally Environment Day

Internationally Environment Day is celebrated every year around the world. UN Conference, which was held on 5 June 1972 and is dedicated to protecting the environment adopted the Programme of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). The program was adopted with the aim to deepen people's awareness of environmental issues and encourage people worldwide to become participants of sustainable development. Marking the celebration of World Environment Day included initiatives to protect, water, ozone depletion, air, and finding solutions to the problem of climate change and desertification. The theme of World Environment Day this year was selected in order to provide preventive help small island states that are particularly exposed to the negative impacts of climate change, which is reflected in the risk of occurrence of natural disasters, raising the sea level. The message of this year's World Environment Day is "Raise your voice, not the level of the sea"


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