In Portugal concluded, wind energy is the cheapest.

The Portuguese utility company (EDP), argues that the most cost-effective wind energy.


Energija Vjetra Portugal

This utility company has recently published data indicating that the terrestrial production of electricity from wind is cheaper than production from coal and oil, which makes the production of wind power has become one of the most economical sources of energy in Europe. Wind energy is already able to get strong support across Europe, and many countries have invested heavily in new offshore wind power projects. Regardless of the new data, the wind is still considered one of the more expensive ways of producing energy, especially compared to production from fossil fuels.

However, EDP estimates that the average cost of electricity from onshore wind farms about 20% cheaper than electricity produced from coal or oil. Although estimates are primarily directed towards Europe, EDP also estimates that wind energy in the U.S. is also significantly cheaper than production from fossil fuels.

According to all parameters of wind energy is becoming more popular on a daily basis. Consumers in many parts of the world are heavily involved in the production of electricity from renewable energy sources in the hope that their countries will abandon production from dirty sources. Governments around the world have recognized the economic and ecological potential and supporting or directly invest in renewable energy, which has led to a sharp fall in the cost of energy produced from renewable sources compared to previous periods.

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