Composting of bio-waste in the region of Bihac – 2014

Started implementation of the project "Composting of bio-waste in the region of Bihac - 2014

Given the accomplishments achieved in the implementation of the project "Introduction of composting of bio-waste in the Una-Sana Canton and Municipality Drvar" which is implemented with great success 2013th year, and the expressed interest of municipalities to implement the same this year, the Ministry of Construction, spatial Planning and the environment in the 2014th provided funds for the implementation of the same.


The project, whose total value cca.45.000 KM, and this year will be conducted in all eight districts of Una-Sana Canton and Municipality of Drvar Livnjskog canton, or in the region of Bihac.

The project "Composting of bio-waste in the region of Bihac - 2014" is the reduction of bio-waste in the total amount of municipal waste produced in these nine municipalities, which would significantly reduce the amount of waste needed to be taken for existing municipal landfills in the future and to regional landfill, and will thus prolong the lifespan of landfills.

The significance of the project in addition to contributing to the improvement of the current situation in the sector of waste management in the region of Bihac, reflected in the fact that its implementation contributes to the implementation of the Act which defines this area, as well as by implement Environmental Strategy of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina 2008th to 2018th and Federal management plan waste 2011th to 2016th

Consequently, today, July 1, 2014th year, when the first meeting in the municipality of Bihac, began the official implementation of the project "Composting of bio-waste in the region of Bihac -2014", and meetings in other municipalities in the region of Bihac will be held by the end of this week. The aim of these meetings is detailed knowledge of the representatives of municipalities, public utilities and local communities with the project objectives and expected results to be achieved, as well as subsequent actions to be taken in order to implement the project unfolded anticipated pace.

In addition to the rules of participation in the project at the meeting were submitted and leaflets to compost, composting and how to build a call for participation in the project, prepared by the Ministry.

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