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Legal Clinic in environment and the role of Arhus Centre in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The seminar, which was held, 30.05.2014, the Centre for Ecology and Energy ( presented the project "Arhus centres, information and public participation in the environmental field.

In his address to the participants of the seminar, MA Vanja Rizvić - senior associate and project coordinator at the Centre for Ecology and Energy Project "Arhus centres for information and public participation in the environmental field," project manager, emphasized the importance of the Aarhus Convention, i.e., freedom of information and the importance of environmental laws. Aarhus Convention was signed in Denmark, with the aim of contributing to the protection of the rights of people to live in a clean and healthy environment, and to regulate the relationship between government and civil society. Aarhus Convention was actually a right of access to information, the right to public participation in decision-making concerning the environment, right on the accession of the judiciary in matters pertaining to the field of environment.

Ms. Rizvić noted that the Arhus convention ratified by Bosnia and Herzegovina, 15.09.2008. year, and that they formed Arhus centres, which contribute to environmental conservation. The aim of Arhus centres in Bosnia is the education of the public, collecting, processing and distributing information, environmental monitoring and providing legal advice in the field of environment.

The seminar emphasized that Bosnia and Herzegovina has three centers in Arhus, Sarajevo, Tuzla and Banja Luka. Arhus canter in Tuzla cooperating with five municipalities of Tuzla Canton (Tuzla, Kalesija Lukavac, Lancaster and Zivinice), and has signed a memorandum of cooperation. In each of these five municipalities to establish teams and specific contact person to come as easily to the exchange of information and cooperation.

Arhus Centar Tuzla

Legal advisor Arhus city of Tuzla, Quiet Delalić explained the importance of the seminar participants of the Aarhus Convention in our country. Thanks Aarhus conventions every citizen has the right of access to information, and should not be denied. Information may be requested without proof of interest. Environmental Protection Act allowed the application of the Aarhus Convention on environmental issues, and allow Arhus centres to serve as a liaison between government and non-governmental organizations in the development and implementation of environmental policies.

In the following presentation, legal advisor Arhus centres informed the participants of the seminar on cases Arhus city and the process of solving them. It was stated that citizens have the right to address Arhus centres if you notice any activity that endangers their environment.

In addition to speakers and participants had the opportunity to take out the opinion. So Mr. Fadil Kurtić, BSc. lawyer UKC Tuzla explained the significance of the Aarhus Convention on environmental issues.

Professional Assistant for information in the municipality Lukavac, Ms. Aida Kavazović emphasized cooperation Arhus city and the municipality, and the legal aspects indicate how many are actually essential Arhus centres for the public and the citizen.

Mrs. Almira Kokić and Vahid Atlić They have stated their opinion about the importance of Arhus centres, and stated that every citizen has the right to report actions that threaten his right to a healthy environment.

At the end of the seminar, we are informed about keeping another seminar to be held in Sarajevo on 01-03 July this year. The seminar will have the role of informing participants about Arhus centres and holding discussions on current cases that threaten the environment.

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